White Espresso Cups– Coffee Cup Reading Necessity Utensil

White Espresso Cup StoreA lot of you may have a question about the existence of white espresso cups in a Turkish coffee site. The answer is simply that you can use them in coffee fortune telling.

Sometimes, depending on the area you live, it’s difficult to find specific ethnic products. Demitasse coffee cups are what people use in their everyday life to serve this type of coffee.

These coffee cups are ordinary, simple, low price items. Not the expensive, fancy ones that families use for special occasions.

Plain white authentic Turkish or Greek white coffee cups are difficult to find. Interested people on these kitchenware products prefer some kind of cultural motifs or designs on their sets. 

Espresso cups in plain white porcelain are the closest items to replace cultural demitasse coffee cups. They have the same liquid capacity and their shape is suitable for coffee reading purposes.

Here, I present some of the best espresso cups as fortune telling tools and nothing else. For this reason I picked the most reasonable priced ones. 

White Espresso Cups and Saucers – Professional Choices

Coffee cup reading.White espresso cups are the most descent substitute of the traditional cups for coffee reading purposes. They let the creation of symbols in a natural way. On a plain saucer surface these tiny signs are easy to see for correct interpretation.

The white espresso cups that I present below belong to the inexpensive range of products. Since espresso coffee is in the global coffee scene there are endless choices of appropriate cups. You can find them mostly with contemporary designs or companies’ logos.

Finding the plain espresso white cups just for coffee reading purposes is time consuming. Here I recommend only the ones that can do the job without overspending. 

Consider the following porcelain espresso cups from AMAZON if you want an undisturbed coffee cup reading.

The style of the particular cup is not a so important factor. The cup must be able to hold the correct amount of sediment on its glazed sides and the saucer.