Turkish style coffee - Introduction to basic facts

Turkish style coffee.

Turkish style coffee is a very broad area. It covers utensils, recipes, serving and specific cultural aspects.

As a coffee website focusing on Turkish coffee, the offering of extent knowledge on this coffee style is a MUST. 

The first step in getting familiar with this type of coffee is to understand what it is.

This knowledge is very important in appreciating the details involved in the coffee drinking habits of different nations. First of all, you have to clear out from your mind two myths about Turkish coffee:

Myth #1.

Many people believe that it’s a type of coffee which comes out from a special growing coffee bean. There is no variety of Turkish coffee bean.

Turkey is a Mediterranean country. Coffee trees grow in the tropical zone.

Myth #2.

Some others think that it is a special type of coffee that you import from Turkey.

Turkish style coffee is just a name given to a powder like type of ground coffee and the making process.

You can find both of them in many other countries, not just in Turkey.

Turkish style coffee is a distinctive method of making coffee.

It belongs to the full immersion coffee brewing. It’s the only one that you actually cook.

Full immersion coffee brewing is the manual method of making coffee. The coffee grounds are in full contact with hot water during the whole brewing process.

Best representatives of this method are French press, Chemex, Clever Dripper and Siphon.

(If you are interested to check some tutorials about these devices Batford & Bronson Coffee Roasters have short comprehensive videos on each of them).

The Turks invented this method. Which by the way is the oldest one in coffee brewing history.

So they gave it and an appropriate name: Turkish coffee

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Turkish style coffee brewing needed utensils

In order to proceed to make this type of coffee you need 2-4 basic utensils. They are not very expensive. Without them though you are not going to have the success you had in mind.

(For a comprehensive step-by-step Turkish coffee recipe you can check my corresponding webpage).

(1) Turkish coffee grinder (Optional utensil).

Turkish mill.It can grind coffee beans to powder texture. This utensil used to be the most important one in the old times.

Nowadays, it has a diminish value among many fans of Turkish style coffee. The ready packages of ground Turkish coffee made its usage very limited.

In my coffee grinder webpage you can find a lot of interesting details about this utensil.  

(2) Turkish coffee pot.

Turkish coffee pot.The long handle pot is a must in this type of coffee. Its unique shape helps brewing coffee with foam.

Explore my Turkish pot webpage to learn all the details about this special utensil.

You will come across at some pieces of surprising information that you can’t see elsewhere.

(3) Turkish coffee cup (Demitasse / Espresso cup)

Turkish coffee cup.You serve this type of strong coffee in a small cup like the espresso shot.

I present all the details about this utensil in my one of a kind Turkish coffee cups webpage. 

(4) Turkish coffee set (Optional utensil)

Turkish coffee set.If you like to make your guests feel special then you need a complete set of Turkish serving utensils.

It usually includes a tray, pot, cups and a bowl for Turkish delights.

You can capture all the basic knowledge on this specific item at my Turkish coffee set webpage.

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Turkish style coffee history

Istanbul coffee house.Finally, in order to capture a global understanding of what Turkish style coffee is. It has a significant importance to the appearance of today’s coffee.

Having some knowledge of the most important events helps appreciating this coffee. The important coffee historical moments will also assist you to understand your cup of coffee.

In the beginning of the 17th century, Turkish coffee became some kind of madness. Especially among the population of the nations which were using this new drink daily.

I carefully constructed the history of Turkish coffee in a webpage which gives the most important facts. A visit to it will uplift your coffee education to a greater extent.

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