Turkish Coffee Taste – Favorable in Other Nations as Well

Turkish Coffee Taste Around the World

Turkish coffee tasteTurkish coffee taste is the main sense of coffee in a lot of other countries besides Turkey. Learning their Turkish style coffee culture is a challenging point.

These countries are spread from North Africa, Middle East/Arab World, Balkans, Baltic Sea and Caucasus regions. Most of them were once influenced by the Turkish culture or were under the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

Needless to say that they now call this type of coffee by their nation name…

Greek Coffee –Different Roast And Culture

Greece was one of the first countries that used to be a part of the Ottoman Empire since 1453. Turkish coffee taste was a part of Greek culture since then.

The country gained its independence from Turkey in the beginning of the 19th century. Due to political reasons in the mid of the 20th century the name of the Turkish coffee taste hot beverage became “Greek coffee”.

Greek coffee is strongly marketed as such since then. Its national sales are very high, especially among the Greek immigration communities in the USA, Australia, Germany, and UK.

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Israeli Coffee – Unique And Religious Minded

Israel as a state was established in 1948. Since Israelis live in an Arabic environment, their Turkish coffee taste incorporated influences from that culture.

As an example of that influence you can consider the extensive use of cardamom in many of the Israeli coffee recipes. On the other hand Israel’s unique cultural/religious aspects are always present and constitute a different approach to Turkish coffee taste.

“Turkish coffee” is still written on Elite’s brands (main Israeli coffee manufacturer) but people call it with many other different names. Due to political reasons, now there is a strong movement to change it to “Israeli coffee” or “Jewish coffee” or just “Black coffee”.

In Israel though, they have a unique version of Turkish coffee which is called “café botz” (mud coffee). They don’t cook the coffee grounds. They just mix them with hot water (or hot milk) in a small glass or mug.

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