Reading Coffee Grounds – Observing Cup Sediment

reading coffee groundsReading coffee grounds starts with the sediment observation. The cup overall look represents your current state. It’s a very important step in coffee cup reading before continuing identifying symbols. 

Here we want to take a closer look at 3 things: 

  1. The general distribution of the sediment in the cup   
  2. The color of the coffee grounds
  3. The bottom of the cup

These three unique categories will help you see the person psychologically or mentally. Then the symbols you will find in the cup will make more sense. 

In order to assist you understand the whole process I provide lots of examples with actual photos. They come from different customers’ cups.

The purpose is to see a variation of each topic that I describe below. Reading coffee grounds is a complicated task of itself. Find more information on the subject in this special webpage.

Reading Coffee Grounds – The General Distribution in the Cup

Sediment completely covers the WHOLE cup with a thin layer 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

This is the case of thin and transparent sediment all over the cup. Reading coffee grounds of this type have a major difficulty. They don’t create distinctive symbols for interpretation!

Just like the sediment, you have made yourself active in almost every area of your life. Most of the time, it is a bad idea to have your head in every possible business there is. You must pay attention to one at a time.

Spreading yourself across too many areas of your life is much more than you can handle successfully. It actually represents someone who wants to be in every place at once but it just isn’t possible. A huge emotional investment is required to keep everything going.

Another important thing here is that you are paying attention to every detail in your life. You don’t want to let anything out of your control. This attitude will cause stress since life doesn’t allow anybody to control every single bit of its existence.

Sediment spreads EVENLY, more or less, all over the cup 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

This is what we call “nice” distribution. Now, reading coffee grounds will be an easy task. They produce a lot of symbols.

Your life is pretty well balanced. You are the one who is in charge of your life, as it should be. The control is mostly in your hands.

You are a strong person with great planning and organizing skills. It suggests a period full of events on every field of life (inside you and in your surroundings). 

Find a proper brands of Turkish style coffee below. Creating the correct sediment is the basis of a successful coffee cup reading session.

Sediment spreads EVENLY at the lower part of the cup 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

The meaning here is a bit different. You will have a lot of lesser things happening in your life. You will have to attend to them but it won’t be a big problem.

The good thing is that the most of these changes will depend on you. So you will have the power to manipulate them in order to make your life better. 

Sediment spreads UNEVENLY all over the cup 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

This cup sediment case essentially represents a bad sign in reading coffee grounds. You have spread yourself across your life too much. Although hidden well, the anxiety is present day by day.

You are doing a lot of things currently, or at least you are thinking about them. This tempo you have right now is too fast and requires lot of energy. It represents a sort of pressure.

The uneven dispersed sediment signifies a period full of events on every field (or different segments) of your life.  It also implies that you will be packed with various happenings in the following months. This mess will take over, unless you decide to fight it or learn how to handle it.

You need to cut some activities out. Not out of your life completely if you don’t see it fit. Create though some boundaries so you don’t get hurt. 

Sediment spreads UNEVENLY all over the cup in a rather aggressive manner 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

The whole palette of events looks unstable and full with stress. You have a lot of things to do in many aspects of your life. This fact creates a sort of pressure.

You are in all over the place and you are suffering because of that. You can endure the pressure but some health issues are possible if there is too much stress. There is an urgent need to piece your life together otherwise there won’t be better times coming.

Sediment spreads in a smudgy way 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

In coffee grounds readings you will find this type of cup as “foggy”. It looks like there is fog in the cup. This sediment distribution usually serves as a sign of uncertainty in someone’s life.

You have entered a phase where not everything is so clear. It’s a period of possibilities which means that some events from your life usually have a couple of probable outcomes. Many things seem like they could go in a few different ways.

You might sometimes feel insecure or unsure about yourself. This could be manifested in the littlest parts of your daily life. You will spend more time than usual making that decision. 

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Sediment spreads PARTIALLY EVENLY all over or several areas of the cup

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

The coffee sediment is spread across several areas but leaves a small white space on the walls. It’s just the right amount not to create problems because of the excess of the events.

It doesn’t represent that you are being torn apart or any other major discomfort. 

Sediment only spreads on one or two SMALL areas of the cup

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

There are a lot of things going on in your life, but only in specific areas. This is displayed by the coffee sediment being spread in certain parts of the cup. This “poor” distribution mostly signifies where the events will take place.

It is announcing events in certain (a few) areas of life. This fact can create a great amount of uncertainty in the areas of interest.

In other words you focus only on certain areas of life (one or two things) while letting everything else go. Potentially, it’s a good thing, if you don’t find it boring. You will have the energy to focus on things that are important to you.

Sediment only spreads on one or two LARGE areas of the cup

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

You are currently entering a very busy period of your life when a lot of things need to be taken care of. You will handle the matter quite well, with a fair amount of stress, but not too much.

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Reading Coffee Grounds – The Color of the Coffee Grounds

Mostly DARK sediment 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

The strong dark color of the sediment resembles your mental strength and stability. It will remain unshaken through everything. You have an ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.

The upcoming events will be very important to you.  A few happenings in your current life situation will be emotionally charged, but they won’t be in a negative way. For sure they will have an impact on your life and your way of thinking.

It also mirrors a strong person to whom obligations aren’t that big of a deal. You will complete all of them with minimum stress. You really are a person who has your own ground beneath your feet.

Mostly LIGHT sediment 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

It represents a respectable amount of stress that you will experience soon. You are being torn apart by various obligations (work, family, circle of friends).  It feels like you are, at a turning point of your life.

Try to minimize your stress and boost your productivity and problem solving abilities.

If the coffee sediment is very light (pale beige) it would usually represent a weak character and lots of emotions.

Mixed color sediment 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

This signifies hidden stress, which is here. It presents in small amounts, but it is still something that should be looked out for, just in case. This also indicates a period with the lack of stability which you will slowly build it over time.

There is a sort of balance of positive and negative things in your life. You should expect a fair amount of stress but you will handle it well. The stress here is controllable.

The lighter parts show the solid amount of stress you have experienced recently. The dark part implies that the upcoming events will be full of strong emotion. There will come a time when obligations will make you nervous.

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Reading Coffee Grounds – The Bottom of the Cup

Bottom of cup FULLY covered with THICK layer of sediment 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

This is essentially a positive element in coffee cup reading. It represents a very strong and brave person with immense stability in life. Very few things can shake you up.

This means that you deal with problems efficiently and without too much stress. You know yourself very well and you are ready to fight for what is yours and what you want. It’s obvious that you have the strength required for the completion of certain tasks life sets before us.

Bottom of cup with THICK layer of sediment PLUS blob(s) 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

If you notice any shapeless blobs at the bottom then it means that you are having doubts about yourself. But you should know that you are stronger than what you think.

Bottom of cup with THICK layer of sediment PLUS dots or white spaces 

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

The coffee sediment is spread thinly, revealing some of the white parts on the bottom of the cup. It’s covered completely but it’s actually not, since tiny white dots are noticeable. It looks partly good, but it is visibly frail and weak.

You currently possess in your mind only a false image of your strength and stability. It will fall apart quickly when needed to be used. Maybe you are making some mistakes or lapses.

A little lack of stability is obvious but you are aware of it. You will probably have a way of dealing with it. If you manage that, they will be a very useful tool for later in life.

Bottom of cup FULLY covered with THIN layer of sediment

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

The thin layer bottom means that you have a very superficial sense of stability. On the outside you seem like a stable person, while actually there are a lot of inner events taking place. You will probably be shattered or upset somehow if you don’t take some action soon.

You also have a habit of turning a blind eye to some problems rather than solving them. This can become quite bad if you decide to overlook wrong things that could possibly do you some harm. It is better to face the problems instead of ignoring them.

Bottom of cup FULLY covered with THICK & THIN layers of sediment

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

There is sediment at the bottom, but it looks a kind of weird. Too much of it is on one side, while on the other side there is only one thin layer.

This suggests an oncoming emotional storm you will experience. These events will shake your foundations and probably change the way you see some things.

Don’t use any coffee cup for your cup reading sessions. Get the correct size and shape cup to help you reach optimum results.

Bottom of cup PARTIALLY covered with sediment

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

This kind of bottom sediment acts as a picture of your internal and personality changes that are on their way. You are giving all of your energy only to one aspect of your life instead of balancing it out. It’s a sign of stress in the following period.

The missing part from the bottom shows that you will worry about something soon. There will be breaking points in the future. It prevents you from doing things efficiently.

Whatever happens in the following period will affect your stability, and not in a positive way. The good news is that it won’t disturb you too much. You will find a way to deal with it.

Bottom of cup with sediment leaning towards one side

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee ground

The sediment is a big, dark mass concentrated in one place. It is also leaning towards one side of the cup. You are currently in a state of general confusion.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have entered a really bad period of your life. On the contrary of what we would usually expect, you don’t lack stability and strength. You can carry out successfully everything you have to.

Bottom of cup with sediment torn into two pieces

reading coffee groundsThis usually wouldn’t be a good thing since you can interpret it as “ripping apart basic parts of someone’s personality”. But here it represents a form of freedom.

You will finally get the full independence you desire, not only in material view but also psychological. The process though will not be the most pleasant thing of all. Achieving big things in life needs to pass through some tough times and to make different types of sacrifices.

Bottom of cup with sediment almost non-existent

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

This type of cup bottom signifies that you lack a lot of stability in your life. This is the effect of having too many things in need to be done.  As a result you get too much pressure on everything you do.

Stress and anxiety could be the consequences of this behavior. Also, you might not be able to perform some of your important tasks very well. You should try to find your inner center and balance.

You have entered a tough period, but it’s nothing that you can’t endure. The main thing is to keep being positive.

You have the foundations of the major work you are doing all across your life. Your persona is in focus. If you manage to do that, everything will be at least a bit easier.

Bottom of cup with lump (s) or piles

reading coffee grounds   reading coffee grounds

The lumps at the bottom of the cup have special meanings in reading coffee grounds. They usually mean 2 things depending on their quantity:

(1) If it is just one it means that you need to rely mostly on yourself to succeed. It’s a sign that you lack security and confidence in others. You will feel troubled or nervous.

The white ring represents a small circle of friends and family you need to surround yourself with.  It helps you prevent losing more energy than allowed in this period of time.

(2) More than one lump is mostly related to different sources of income that is coming to you.

Reading Coffee Grounds – Final Piece of Advice

reading coffee groundsNow you have a lot of information on reading coffee grounds. In order to come up with a “good reading” you must combine things of all categories.

Be careful! Isolating one part and disregarding the other two you will get into an “inappropriate” outcome.

Practice your inspection ability on the whole sediment first to get a general idea what to look for. At the beginning you might face some difficulties in deciding certain things. Don’t worry because it’s normal.

The cup might also have 2 or three elements of the same category. Put them down and then subtract a few of them that seem not contributing to the whole cup’s image.

Check the photos that I gave you and try to be as close to them as possible. Gaining experience is the key to improve your reading coffee grounds skills.

Enjoy the journey!