Demitasse cups - Some of the best available Amazon choices

espresso coffee cupDemitasse cups (meaning “half cups”) are the serving utensils for small portions of strong coffee.  You most probably know them as espresso cups.

In this specialty store you will find the best choices to serve this type of coffee.

They are actually manufactured as espresso cups since this type of coffee is spread globally. These demitasse cups have the same size that is suitable for Turkish style coffee as well.

You can find them in the households of different countries whose main caffeine drink is Turkish style coffee, like the Balkan region (Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania etc.), the Middle East countries (Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, etc.), the Arab peninsula, the North African region and some Caucasian countries.

This is the best choice for serving Turkish style coffee in a neutral but modern way. The presented below demitasse cups don’t carry elements of the Turkish culture (I have a separate webpage for that).

They are demitasse cups for everyday use but some of them could easily present coffee in special occasions as well.

Primary target is to gather all of these demitasse cups into one page for easy navigation. Here you won’t find the very expensive choices.

You will find 99 excellent price choices instead in ascending order of price per single serving set (meaning the overall cost of a cup and saucer) which is the main reason to look up when you are going to make your buying decision.

In my group of products you can also see different cup designs as well as patterns on them from different manufacturers and specialists of half size cups.

As you will notice NONE of my 99 suggested sets carry the word “espresso” anywhere. The reason is that the households of the different countries do it the same way. This way, none of the guests ever questions what type of coffee he/she is served… 

For white espresso cups I have created a different page because these items are also suitable for coffee cup reading. It is easier for people who are looking for this specific utensil to find it in a unique page rather than mixed up with patterns and designs.

Demitasse cups and saucers sizes


There are many espresso cups that are not suitable for Turkish coffee because they are just too small. The best size of the cup should be around 2.5″ high and 2″ in diameter. Look for cups that can carry 2.5 fl. oz. / 75 ml. of coffee at least.

Even though there is a tendency for larger sizes 4 fl. oz / 120 ml. the correct size is the first one.

The second choice would be fine if you use extra ground coffee during the making process.

Otherwise you will end up with a thin layer of foam or… without any of it. 


The optimum size of the saucer should be approximately 4 to 4.5″ in diameter. For some other particular reasons though (artistic, fortune telling, etc.) you can also find it in special shape. 


  • Products are sorted by ascending order of their single unit average price within a category group, which determines their value identity but also their main usage.
  • Terms of shipping and descriptions of the products were taken from the original page at AMAZON

Do you know the differences among porcelain, bone china, stoneware and ceramic?

Here is a short outlined course just to have in mind prior deciding on what kind of demitasse cup is suitable for your needs.

PORCELAIN: White refined clay (kaolin). Nonporous and translucent. It is fired at 2300+ degrees Fahrenheit, and then it is covered with glaze and fired again at higher temperature than the first one. This helps maintaining and strongly showing the white color.

BONE CHINA: Mixture of refined clay (kaolin) and bone ash (25% at least usually from cow). Nonporous and translucent. It is fired at 2200+ degrees Fahrenheit (2 times). It can stay pure white but most of the times it gets a light cream color. It is used in order to make thin wall demitasse cups so they look delicate.

STONEWARE: It differs from porcelain in many ways. It uses different clay and it is fired at lower temperatures once. It can have other colors than white. It can also have lots of other finishes (i.e. satin and matte).

CERAMIC: This is actually a general term that describes any item made out of clay mixed with water and / or organic materials. It is then shaped and hardened by heat. In demitasse cups though describes a thick wall item, heavy and sturdy.

99 choices of demitasse cups suitable for Turkish style coffee



Excellent for everyday use. Here you will find pieces ranging from $2.50 up to $4 per single set. All of them constitute excellent choices for contemporary Turkish style coffee presentation.

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Very good for everyday use in an upgraded quality. Here you will find pieces ranging from $4 to $5 per single set. These are the most preferable items for most households serving Turkish style coffee on a regular basis.

Espresso cup set with stand. espresso cup and saucer set for 6 with stand. Espresso set tower.
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This is a little more expensive group of demitasse cups. Excellent quality and some of them can be easily used in special occasion situations. Prices range from $5 to $6 per single set. Very popular among people who are not able to buy the original expensive hand-made stuff.

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This is the most expensive category of demitasse cups that I present you here. They cost $6 to $7.50 per single set. Most of them are tend to be used for special occasion events. Of course, they are much cheaper for all the others that you can find in this labeled group. No question about it.

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