About Me - Coffee Cup Reading Services

Hey! I’m Mario. The person who offers the cup reading services of this website.

My family used to own a traditional Greek coffee shop.php when I was a youngster.

So, I worked there making and serving thousands of coffees to a knowledgeable clientele. I learned a lot of things from my little mistakes.

Mario Baker - Coffee cup reading servicesMy grandmother was the “professional” cup reader for all the ladies in the village.

My mother refused to follow “this nonsense”. I took the advantage and learned the process mostly of curiosity.

In 1977, I went to New York for my studies. I needed some extra pocket money.

For this reason I worked in coffee shop.phps as a waiter. Soon, my bosses and coworkers saw my other…”abilities”. They started asking for readings just for fun!

Needless to say that most of the things I was telling them were very precise. In a matter of time, instead of waiting on people I was doing cup readings!

Not only for stuff members but also for regular customers.

I don’t remember how many cups I have read during my student years in NY.

Maybe a few thousands.

But there is one thing that I am sure 100%.

My coffee reading services paid for all my tuition at the college and much more!

New Era Coffee Cup Reading Services

Coffee cup reading servicesI have never practiced cup reading as a profession. I did it mostly for my friends and “party shows” that I was attending.

During the uprising of the Internet, in the early 90’s, I saw a few websites with this topic.

I laughed because most of them were exploiting people!

“Psychic”, “Gifted”, “Medium”, “Spiritual Adviser”, “Messenger”, “Divine” were a few of the titles that people gave to their names.

Thank God, I am NONE of them!

I just know the technique and I am also talented in recognizing the symbols. Then I learned how to put together the connecting lines and create a story.

People often email me to ask:

How can I learn coffee cup reading? Do you teach or give some kind of tutorials?

The answer is NO.

You just cannot teach the subject. You have to be next to an experienced reader to see yourself the whole process.

And then, you need endless hours of practice and trustful people to tell you where things went wrong.

This is my approach.

I offer my coffee cup reading services through email only.

I have customers from around the world which makes me very happy. Multi-culture involvement and lots of learning as well.

I zoom in the photos and I discover images that I cannot recognize with naked eyes. There is plenty of time to create a story line.

And best of all, I can “talk” to people without charging by hour!

What Else I Offer

Turkish coffee wesiteCoffee cup reading goes together with Turkish style making process.

In order to help inexperienced people I give my little help to the needed.

My background coffee knowledge is around the Middle East area.

I know the Greek, Turkish and Israeli cultures very well. So, I targeted on those to give some insight of this type of coffee making.

Most of my articles are full of details. But my main goal is always to expand on coffee cup reading culture.

Don’t hesitate to CONTACT me.

  • I read all email that comes through my inbox. I respond to each and every one. It may take a while, but I will personally respond.